Programs for ages 0-3 years old
Programs for ages 3-6 years old
Infant Care

0 to 2 years old


2 to 3 years old

Transitional Preschool
Transitional Preschool

3 to 4 years old


4 to 6 years old


6 to 7 years old


2 to 3 years old

Nurturing Environment for Future Achievers!

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a happy, safe and inclusive environment in which infants, toddlers and preschoolers are encouraged and guided to explore their potential!

We Offer Complete Childcare

“Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and strength, use it to create.”

– Maria Montessori

Events Calendar

All events and activities declared are subject to changes depending on the social situation at the time.

Should any physical activity commence, maximum security and safety measures shall be implemented.

We will be providing regular updates.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

What We Offer

Practical Life

Practical life is the foundation of all future academic work because it promotes coordination, concentration and independence.


In geography, children learn not only names of countries, but the life of people and their respective cultures.


Learning about the different forms of life by watching, observing and practicing. 


The Montessori math lessons help children develop an understanding of math concepts through the manipulation of concrete objects.


Where children learn their alphabets, first words and, over time, the ability to read, write and communicate well through familiarity by practice.

Music, Singing & Dance

Allows children to learn and appreciate sensorial ways of expressing themselves or simply have fun.


Allows children translate their imaginations and emotions through drawings, colors and other artistic expressions.

Outdoor Activities

Children are allowed some time at our campus play area to appreciate what goes beyond the walls and even play sports.

Why Choose Montessori?

We adhere to the Montessori way which is a child-centered, alternative educational method based on the child development theories originated by Italian educator Maria Montessori (1870–1952). Its method of education is characterized by emphasizing self-directed activity on the part of the child, and clinical observation on the part of the teacher, to stress the importance of adapting the child’s learning environment to his or her development level.

What About Admission?

Tours are given daily. We give two weeks free upon enrollment.

Reviews & Feedback

Kaydee H
on the Assisted Learning Program

This school has been a lifesaver and Chance is doing well in school and getting all of his work completed. Mr Paolo has been awesome in helping Chance along the way with all his assignments and with communication. Communication is key when it comes to my kids or any kids and i appreciate that. I appreciate the flexibility as well.

Andrea D
on Sterling Montessori

My son has been a student at Sterling Montessori for over two years and is constantly surprising me with how much he is learning. The teachers are wonderful and my son has loved attending school here from the day he started, The staff has been very accommodating on days when I needed drop in care in addition to my son’s preschool schedule. I highly recommend Sterling Montessori whether you are looking for childcare, socialization, or academic skills for your little ones.

Chrissy H
on the Bambini Program

I am happy with the school’s system and Montessori app wherein parents receive emails and notifications. I also like it that the school segregates the children according to age and program.

Richard T
on the Preschool Program

My child was studying in Sterling Montessori before admission to the public school. While there, we have been happy with their service and our child’s progress before heading off to big school.

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